Method Overload Problem


I cannot help but think there is something fundamental and obvious I’m overlooking but I am having an issue with the compiler complaining that:

‘There is more than one method with this name but this does not match any of the available signatures.’

As you can see from the below image, I have updateGroups with a signature param of an integer and that’s what I’m passing here:

Thanks in advance for all assistance :slight_smile:


EDIT: Both updateGroups and updateRoles were instance methods but changed updateGroups to a shared method when testing to resolve the problem. Methods are within a container control fyi.

Do these return anything?

Hi Kem no they dont. Compiker would complain if they did and I didnt assign return value I believe ?

Found it. Parameter should gave been Weblistbox not listbox as this is a web project. Forgot it was W.E.

Interesting that the IDE autocompletes against a type which isnt availabke in W.E.