Messages pane does not display system.debuglog

After running an app in the IDE a few times, messages pane does not display any system.debuglog output (it used to). You can see a star appearing on messages icon as new message come, but if you switch to the pane it’s empty. You can see “application launched” message flash and disappear, and then nothing else is seen.

Tried logout, reboot, another project type, reset custom fonts/colors, disabled “hide pane on run”, nothing. This is new.

Update, tried reinstall Xojo, deleted all user profile files named Xojo, same.

Xojo 2021r2.1, Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon.

Weirdest thing is: if project type is web, messages show up. If GUI or console, they do not.

Anyone from Xojo maybe comment? It’s not possible to debug when the messages pane isn’t working. On windows there’s debugview, but on Lin we depend on this messages thing, unless another way.

Have latest Xojo, license, using the recommended Linux distro - what else can I do? thanks!

the culprit is memoryblock. You do any operation with memoryblocks like try to convert to string, it glitches and ALL debug messages disappear. Sometimes IDE fails to connect to the debugged application, even between two runs of the same code.

I notice later versions of Xojo just glitch silently instead of raising any errors.

Use System.log

same thing. Simplest way to replicate - new project, GUI, put in window open event:

var testString as String = “AAAAAAAAAAAA”
var hash as String
hash = md5(testString)
System.Log(System.LogLevelDebug, hash)

even invoking MD5 causes messages log to disappear.

looks like any invalid character is causing the messages pane to clear. Got to make sure to encode anything that has raw bytes into hex etc.

Though this messages pane could be a bit more forgiving than that; on Windows it is.

Would you file a bug report and include all this stuff you’ve figured out?

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