I’m using the MessageDialog class for many alerts and it works well for me since it’s cross platform and looks the right way.
However I’d need to have timed dialog that, after a set amount of seconds, automatically dismiss (may be returning the Default button).
Now I can subclass it successfully, however in my subclass, after invoking super.ShowModal, I have no way to dismiss it.
Is there a way or I have to build all from scratch reinventing the wheel?
Are there alternatives?

The only I think is to create a modal window wich looks similar to MessageDialog,
but with Timer on it to handle your changes.

Does a timer (or NSTimerMBS) fire after you started the message dialog?
Than you could press return key with our plugin functions.

Yes the timer fires, but I don’t like too much to solution of faking the press of a button. :wink:
Btw, there is a StandardAlertMBS class which I’m trying, but there is no way to show the StandardAlert as a sheet window on Mac.

I’d like to do what Massimo is trying. I agree, doing my own Windows is a waste (and doesn’t fully imitate a MessageDialog) and faking a button press is hacky.