Is there a way to change the Text Size in a MessageDialog?
On my Laptop, I see a rather small message. It would be nice to not have to strain my eyes.

I think that’s controlled by the OS. You could roll your own window, though.

I do not know what you mean by “Rolling my own window”

Just add your own window to the project and make it a modal dialog type with whatever buttons you’d like. You can basically mimic the built-in messageDialog with your own code, if you’d like. Except with your own, you could control the size of the text. It would take a little bit of work initially, but once you do it, you could reuse it as often as you’d like.

Thank you

The same thing is essentially true of the font used in the top menu bar. It seems the only real solution is to “roll your own” if you want larger, easier to read type.

Barry Traver