Message in title of window: does not respond

Hello everyone

Grateful for the attention to this

From an xojo desktop application, I have to update several records of a Mysql table
I do it from a window of a desktop application.

If for any reason I access another application as word, excel or other and then return to the application xojo that I am updating the records, in the title bar of the window that performs the process shows me the following message (does not respond ) it is as if it were frozen, but in the end it perfectly completes the updating of the records and once it finishes, the window returns to normal

In query records Myql does not present any problem so go to other applications and then return to the application xojo, the problem is with the update of records

Any comment will be very appreciated

Raul Juarez Pulache

Are you querying a remote MySQL server? It sounds like your main thread is getting locked up (which can happen with big, long, or remote queries).

Thank you so much
Tim Parnell

I’m doing an Update to a Local Mysql table

Raul Juarez Pulache

If you are not doing it in a Thread and if the process takes “too long” you are blocking the Main Thread long enough to make Windows “assume” your app may “hang”. Do it in a Thread, but make sure you are only using 1 persistent connection in this Thread. Your app may be slower while performing the Thread, because you are working on 1 Core only, but the OS won’t “assume” your app is “hanging”.