MergeableCell Listbox 1.1 Available

MergeableCell Listbox 1.1 Available

KAtkoSoft is pleased to announce the release of version 1.1 of it’s MergeableCell Listbox classes

This update is free to all existing license holders. It adds:
• new convenience methods to set cell styles and cell values
• adds support for using the setter RowIsFolder
• the method to get the listbox row highlight color was updated for cocoa
• fixed bugs in drawing node connecting lines
• fixed setting the focus after editing a cell

For more details and downloadable classes that may be used in the IDE see:

These classes support many enhancements to the Xojo listbox including support for when it is used in hierarchical mode.
These include:

• Merging and unmerging of cells across both rows and columns
- Columns can be resized across merged areas
- Editing text in merged cells is supported
- Rows may be inserted or deleted within merged areas that cross rows.
The merged area is either expanded or contracted as expected

• Hierarchical Support:

  • Optionally draws lines connecting folders and their children with user specified color
  • Supports the new RowIsFolder and RowDepth methods in IDE versions 2010r4+
  • Adds methods to open all sublevels for node and close all open folders
  • Enhanced User interface
    Option Click on a closed disclosure widget will open all sublevels
    SpaceBar toggles disclosure widget
    Option-SpaceBar will open all sublevels
    Option-UpArrow closes an open folder
    Option-DownArrow opens a folder
    Shift-Option-DownArrow will open all sublevels

• Support for Multi-line text a cell:

  • Intelligent Text Wrapping
  • Specifying line spacing and line by live horizontal alignment
  • Support for vertical text alignment in a cells

• Support for Row background color and alternating row colors

• Provides enhanced methods to assign cell text style and border attributes