Menus in Cocoa take 0.5sec to appear or more

Under Cocoa, possibly Mavericks, menus seemly are taking ‘ages’ to appear, especially those created for popup purposes.
Anyone else noticed this?

I have a keen eye for such things and I have not seen any delays for popup menus etc…
Did a quick test with 500 menu items and it pops up instantly.

May depend on OS version… Are you on 10.6.8?

10.9 now. Customer reporting on 10.7

Heres interesting.
The app’s EnableMenuItems event is called even when the menu being shown is a popup, not the ‘real’ menu.
I need to see if anything in that is slow.

Seems to be down to calls to IconImageMBS

Its a nuisance : every menu is considered when any menu is displayed, even a popup menu which doesn’t cause the main menu to show at all.

For instance, theres a batch of stuff I do for the File menu which I really don’t need to do when the Edit menu is being displayed.
Pity there is no ‘showing’ event for each individual menu item.
EnableMenuItems is a pretty big hammer for such a small nail.

Definitely IconImageMBS. Removed and replaced by another method. Sorted.