MenuItem(s) fired when I type chars


Even not using a modifier key, a simple key press on one key of the keyboard (say a to z for example) fires the Menu process…

This quits my application. Large part of this is my fault, but I do not wrote the code who fires the menuitem firing process.

In other words, typin one a (press the a letter on the keyboard) fires the Menu process like if I pressed cmd-a.

Is it standard or is there’s an error of any kind ?

I had this happen with Linux where the TAB key gets replaced with the letter T… Was kind of interesting getting bug reports that users couldn’t type the letter T :wink:

I’d suggest looking through the menus to ensure everything does have a modifier key…
Are you doing any keyboard watching using a timer?

Nothing special beside a test on that window in App. No MenuBar assigned to that window. No EnableMenuItem in that window.

The only operation on that TextField is at a OK PushButton time.