MenuItem Popup

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Is it possible to subclass the MenuItem class and then use the popup method to select an item? The return selected item is a MenuItem class and not a subclassed MyMenuItem class. I want to add another property to the MenuItem class.


Not at the computer at the moment so I can’t test. You should be able to cast your menuitem to the subclass.

Each row of a menuItem also has a RowTag which takes a variant. So what I do is set the RowTag to the item in question. Bingo.

Already using the tag to store the object in question. I want a second tag variant.

My test in casting my subclassed menu item back to a normal MenuItem has yielded the expected result of the extra property in my subclass being nil.

I’l have to go down another path.


Use a Pair to store two values in the rowTag property or even a dictionary or object.

As Sam says use a pair, or make another class that holds references to as many items as you like, eg

Class Holder
Property a as appointment
Property c as color
Property p as person
Etc etc