MenuItem issue

I am probably being an idiot…

I am trying to add a dynamic menuitem to a menubar. The code below works except the AddHandler line. It says that oMI.Action doesnt exist. According to the docs( ) it does. I checked feedback/release notes but didnt find anything in regards to it being removed.

Dim oMI as New MenuItem( self.title ) = self.Title
app.mainWin.MenuBar.Child( "NotesMenu" ).Insert( app.mainWin.MenuBar.Child( "NotesMenu" ).count,oMI )
AddHandler oMI.action AddressOf self.showWindow

so what is this hairless (as I have pulled everyone last one out) programmer done or not done?


You’re missing a comma after .action.AddHandler oMI.action, AddressOf self.showWindow

@Wayne Golding thanks! I knew i was being an idiot…

You just needed a different set of eyes on it. Many’s the time I’ve had the same issue.