MenuItem Call is misdirected first to totally different MenuItem

I put a breakpoint in a method on being called via a MenuItem and I noticed the actual call for the MenuItem was in a different window that is actually inactive. It also doesn’t even have the same shortcut. I also have a PushButton calling the method and it functions properly.
I first noticed this during debug because a method at the root of the closing of a window was an unexpected method.
So the First Window (actually calling) I’ll call CRW and the Second is BPW.
BPW cannot even be open by code if CRW is open.

The Call is made from EditKeyword to a method titled KWordSet.

But the call is actually starting with BPW TableDeleteRow.

So the order I see in the debugger is (Appearing in reverse here)

  1. BPW TableDeleteRow
  2. CRW EditKeyword (which presses the KeyWord PushButton)
  3. CRW KWordSet.

I wonder if this has something to do API2 because the property I’m trying to find is part of a TextArea, and the name should be SelectedText, but it’s SelText.
It probably has to do with something else but …

Anyone else seen this?

Edit: I pulled up a slightly older version and the original call is CRW EditKeyWord Action

Low memory condition ?
The computer was working intensively days without a cold boot ?
No Return True in a Menu Handler ?

Ja. I had to reboot.

This may sound strange, but once it happens to you, you will check and live with that.