MenuItem and Icon


On macOS and Windows, we can have menu with only Icons and rectangular icons.
But the same code on Linux, give me very height menus because I think that the icons can be only square.
For example, I have a menu with icons of width = 60 and height = 20 and on Linux I have menuitem of height = 60 (not 20) with the icons and an equal space after.

Is this a bug ? or a bad pref in my Linux ?
Is there a workaround ?


Icons sizes should generally be square - on Apple, Windows, and Linux platforms anyway. That’s why your icons are being auto-sized to make them square.

Even if Xojo allows you to use rectangular images as menubar icons I wouldn’t do it. You’ll just end up fighting the O/S eventually, as you found out.

Icons have to be of a certain size: try to apply a larger icon to a Windows compiled project and cry.

So, search in the OS documentation the appropriate size for menu Icons, set them squared,make a test project and in the end, once the test project shows correctly the icons n the menus, you can add thm in your project.

PS: I am not sure, but black and white (72 or 96 dpi) images only.

Sorry for the eventual typos.