MenuHandler doesn't fire


i need a menuHandler directly from the MainMenuBar. No SubMenu. The Handler from the MainMenu exists, but it does not fire. SubMenuHandlers does fire. What is wrong?

I’m a poor Linux Mint Uma 64bit user with 2021r1.1

Xojo doesn’t cater for this.
Never understood why, myself.

I admit to having found such a post. But it was half a decade old. So this bug still exists :frowning:
Perhaps I will put a note in the manual “Complicated handling made by Xojo”

On Windows, you can add a menu handler for a menuitem at the MainMenuBar level but only if it has no submenu.

Sorry, I don’t know if it can be done on non-Windows systems.

The opposite is the case with me. Only submenus work there. But that doesn’t matter now. I program my own MenuBar. It works and looks good.