I have a strange behaviour of saving the MenuBar in one of my projects.

I created a MenuBar called ‘MainMenuBar’ , under App -> Appearance -> MenuBar I select this Menu in the PopupMenu.
Everything is working ok.
After saveing the project, closing and reopening Xojo, the MenuBar PopupMenu shows ‘none’ and I have to select my
‘MainMenuBar’ again.

This happens ONLY in this project, other projects with MenuBars don’t show this behaviour.

Xoxo 2015r4, OS X 10.9.5

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Did you try to change its name, say from ‘MainMenuBar’ to ‘HPSMenuBar’ ?

‘HPSMenuBar’ as a name cannot be used internally by Xojo. (I am quite sure…)

Thanks Emile,

I renamed the Menu to ‘HSMenuBar’
No success, same behaviour.

Wrong guess, sorry.