MenuBar: How to show the "Emoji & Symbols" entry?

Hi everyone,

how can we add the “Emoji & Symbols” item to a MenuBar? Xojo itself has in the Edit Menu. Maybe @Greg_O_Lone can tell us, how it’s done? :wink:

I get it without any code, as soon as any text area / field has the focus.
You will need an Edit menu to hold it.

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Me not. I’m on macOS Big Sur 11.2.3.

  1. Create a new Desktop Project
  2. Add a TextArea to the Window
  3. Run
  4. Set Focus to the TextArea
  5. Click Edit Menu

No menu entry for “Emoji & Symbols”. BTW, I’d like to have the entry also, if there is no TextField/Area on the Window.

I just tried with a blank project. Xojo 2021r1, no controls at all. High Sierra. Works fine.

I’m assuming “the sentry” is meant to be “this entry”.

But out of curiosity, if there is no text field/area with the focus, what are you expecting to happen if the user chooses the menu option? While I next to never use the entry myself, it seems is adds it to the current control with the focus. If not a text field/area, then what are you expecting?

I’d like to handle it within a TextInputCanvas Control.

I tried this on macOS Big Sur. Nothing appears. Maybe related to the new macOS 11 SDK in 2021r1? @Greg_O_Lone / @William_Yu

It appears in my apps (and I’ve done nothing special for it), macBS 11.3

That’s interesting, the menu entry only appears automatically if you have selected “English” or “English (UK)” as language in the “Shared” area. For all other languages, there’s not such entry in the Edit menu, where one would assume that the localized variant would simply be displayed. Bug? @Greg_O_Lone

System Prefs → Language & Region → Keyboard Preferences, and then tick the box labelled “Show input menu in menu bar”.

AFAIK, this is automagically added by App Kit (not Xojo).

Nope, on my System only for “English” and “English (UK)”. Also not for “Default” language. Crazy.

AppKit works in mysterious ways.

Edit: For example in a NSAlert, if a button has the caption “Don’t Save” command-D auto fires it. However if you set the key combo to be command-D, it won’t.

Or App Kit will auto add a “Enter Full Screen” menuitem to the “View” menu, but not the key combo for it.

What about the localised button? E.g “Ne pas enregistrer” in French would also have Command-D directly assigned?

Have no idea