Menubar does not appear for Linux

For Linux, The Menubar does not appear after connexion.?This is not the case for windows and MAC OS.
You have any ideas please?

Thank’s in advance

Have you assigned the menubar to your window and to your app?


I have some apps for Linux and all of them have a menubar on RasPi, RedHat Linux and Ubuntu. What Linux do you use? What Xojo release do you use?

Linux Ubuntu, and Real Basic 2012 Release 2.1

Ubuntu does a weird thing where the menubar is shown at the top of the main screen (not the window) and only when the mouse cursor moves there. Could that be the problem?

Example Ubuntu 15:

Paul Lefebvre > No, when it is a window for example , it appears both Linux , MAC, Windows. But if there is a menu, nothing appears on the screen