Menu handling - menuitem name not autofilled.

Hi, I’m trying to follow the "Using SQLite " YouTube video.
I have replaced the name “teamwindow” with “products”
In the video a menu is added to open a database.
I have done the same thing.
Then a menuHandler is added to the "teamwindow (products for me)
In the video it has all the available menus available.
When i try to do the same thing, i create the menuhandler and the menuitem name listbox does not have any menu items listed, just a blank pull down list.
in the viedo it has all the available menus available.
When I run the application the open file menu item is greyed out, where in the YouTube demo it is not.

My demo app as available at

if anyone could tell me what i am doing wrong I would appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.

Well, the project might be at a different spot than what you wrote. In the Setup menu the visible property = false which prevents it from being shown.

Hi Bob, thanks for having a look and for your reply.
The setup menu was hidden on purpose (just testing stuff).
What I was talking about was the “file menu” then the “fileopen” / “open invoices” option, that is permenantly greyed.
The menuhandler is never called because I can’t click it and i cannot see why it’s greyed out.

With your specific project it’s because your MenuHandler is on Product, and your App is using WindowMDI as the default window. There is no MenuHandler for Fileopen on WindowMDI.

Tim is correct. I didn’t see the 2nd window.

Thank you both, My problem is not where the menuhandler is, I have tried to I move it to windowMDi.
My probleme is why it’s greyed out.

If you put a menuhandler in a window, that window must be open and the top window for it to work.

Actually it is the problem

PRODUCT has a menuhandler, but there is not menubar assigned to this window
WINDOWMIDI has a menubar assigned, but no menuhandler