menu handlers and multiple windows.

My application has more than one window.
I have one menu for edit/copy…
I can’t get the menu event to go to the second window even when I add the menu event handler to the window.
Doesn’t matter which window is active…

Did you assign the menu to the second window? or does it have MENU=NONE

Edit Select All works in both windows… and the event handler is implemented in both windows.
Menu Bar = MainMenuBar The one and only.

Odd behaviour… The rows become selected with edit select all, but the debugger doesn’t break in that method…
I’m confused.

It seems like if I call edit select all then edit copy the copy menu handler won’t be called, but if I just call edit copy then it is called.
I return TRUE from edit/select all.
If anything is selected in the listbox then edit copy doesn’t get called.

I wonder if the timer that is updating the window needs to be shut off or if enablemenuitems needs to be called for some reason…
If so when and where?

Does anyone else have this issue or is it just me?