Menu Enable in Windows

I am using a 3-item SegmentedButton to set app-level Properties (booleans) in order to enable/disable a couple of menus (app.enableRecallMenu = False, for example). I then handle the menu enable/disable in the app.MenuBarSelected handler using these Properties. (ex., RecallMenu.Enabled = enableRecallMenu).

The menu enable/disable feature works properly on the Mac (Universal) build, but does not work at all on Windows (64-bit) build. On Windows, the menus are always enabled.

I am a noob with Xojo (2 months), so I am likely missing something simple … but it’s not obvious!

Config: Win 11 ARM under Parallels on my MacBook Air M1.

Make sure you have autoenable set to false for the menuitems you need to do this with.

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SOLVED: Twiddling the Auto Enable bit, PLUS putting my Menu Handlers at the App level instead of the Window level seem to do the trick.