Menu Confusion

I have a application wide menu “MainMenuBar”
I have it set to be the application default menu as well as the menu for WIndow1

If WIndow1 is NOT OPEN then I need one set of MenuHandlers active
If WIndow1 IS open, then a different set…

If Window1 is closed, things seem to work (ie. calling the App level menuhandlers)

BUT if WIndow1 is open, and I click a menu item, then it calls the WIndow1 menuhandlers, perfect.
However, it THEN calls the APP menuhandler , which causes issues as the actions need to be completely different

Why is WIndow1 calling the App handlers???

I tried to set AUTOENABLED to false, and then in the ENABLEMENUITEM say menu_item.enabled=true

but it is somehow callig the APP ENablemenu items so it still calls both :frowning:

guess am going to try making TWO menubars …

EDIT : TWO menubars (one for APP one for WINDOW) solved it

Return True at the end of you Window menu handlers, so that the framework knows you don’t want to go down the chain.

They all return TRUE

32bit or 64bit? I recently had problems with a difference between those 2. 64bit was misbehaving in a similar situation while 32bit was working fine.

This was in 32bit.

I cloned the menu (MAINMENUBAR and MAINMENUBAR1) and assigned the clone to APP and it seems to be ok now