Menu Bar

I’m trying to build a Menu Bar for my first app.
I created the first “Menu Handler” for the first window and it was okay, but for the second “Menu Handler” for another window Xojo doesn’t give the options of “MenuItem Name”.
What I’m doing wrong?
Xojo 2015 3.1

Have you assigned the menu bar to the window? Please post screenshots of your window or the project.
I have 2 windows at the moment. I’ll have more in the future. Now they are: PDC and FORNECEDORES.

Select the window - not a control. At the bottom of the inspector make sure that in the section “Menus” the menu bar is selected. Also never rely 100% on type head. What happens if you type the name of your menu handler into the menu handler?

Remember: by default, a new window does not have an assigned menu bar.

Thanks Emile and Beatrix! Fixed.

I’m sorry for returning here with a (probably) silly question, but my Menu options, except for the current window are grey out. What I missed this tim

Menu items can be set up to “autoenable”
If you open your menu bar you can click on the various items and look in the inspector & your will see they have a boolean called “AutoEnable”
What that means is IF the item that has focus (whether it be the window or control) or the application instance has a MenuHandler for that menu item then the item will enable - automatically
If you haven’t set up any menu handlers on the window , control or in the app instance then they wont unless you do so in the EnableMenuitems event

There are good reasons to put menu handlers at different places in an app
For instance, the IDE has “New Project” setup in the application because you could close all windows & still want to start a new project. So that handler makes sense to be handled at the application level
But something like “delete” or “select all” makes sense to handle at the window or control level - depending on what your controls do.

Thank you Norman,
I moved the MenuHandler to the App level and now it is working.