Memory based WebDataSource?

Does someone have already coded a Memory based WebDataSource?

I highly dislike to use a SQLiteDatabase for each little table and thought I could try one to be backed on an array of dictionaries or a 2D array.

You can use a SQLiteDatabase in memory, or array of dictionaries but the complexity may vary. It depends on how deep your data needs to go.

Well, if you have a RowSet, you can use it as data source.
But if you just want to show an array of strings, it seems overhead to

  • create in memory database
  • create tables
  • insert all the rows
  • run SQL select to get RowSet
  • display data.

So I am trying to do this in memory with a class implementing WebDataSource.

“with a class implementing WebDataSource”

this WebDataSource seems to be an interface, which you just add to your class
in the designer of the ide.

And the original question was to ask whether someone did that before?

i tested it even and i see data from my class. so yes and no experience for productive :wink:

basically it use WebListBoxColumnData and WebListBoxRowData