Media error in Windows and Linux, not on Mac

I’m getting the following error in both Windows 11 in a VM and Windows 10 on Mini PC.

It also doesn’t work on Linux.

“Sorry! Missing the media source or this browser doesn’t support the format of the media.”

I’m assuming a codec is missing, but not sure. The video on an html page with embed code similar to that used with YouTube videos. I can get the video to play on in windows with Media Player if I don’t use HTML with Embed code.

Is there a recommended set of video codecs for Windows and how to get them installed?

It would be helpful to know what the source material is.

Do you mean the HTML and Embed code?

It’s also strange that if I host the video via embed code on my site, it works just fine. When create a very basic web page with HTML and the embed code, it only works on the Mac with HTMLViewer.

I meant the actual video file.

That would mean that this is not a codec issue. The fact that it works directly on a Mac in an html viewer means that there’s something about Safari that makes it work.

What does your embed code look like?

Where is the video file? Generally, for security reaons, an HTML web page loaded from the internet can not access local files, and vice-versa.

Probably the best thing to do is get more error information in the browser - on Safari / Settings / Advanced, “Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar” shoudl be on, and then you can right-click a web page and “Inspect Element” and also see Console errors. Similar methods work on Chrome, IE11, Edge…

It’s not a browser he’s having trouble with. It’s htmlviewer.


I’m still trying to isolate this better, once I get to that point I’ll post more detail. :slight_smile:

Ok, I did a test today using simple embed code from a YouTube video and it worked fine with Mac and Windows, linux didn’t like it but that’s probably another issue. In any case, the difference is that the embed code for my project has some javascript and is calling special on-line video player from another location. I didn’t write it, it’s produced by another tool I’m using. Since the embed code I’m using is on a web page on my site, and that webpage works just fine in Windows, Mac and Linux with various browsers, I have to conclude that the HTML viewer simply does not like what’s being sent to it. The HTML viewer seems to work just fine with most webpages I’ve tested, Microsoft, IBM, Google.

Is there known issues with HTMLViewer and Javascript? Any other known issues that it has that normal browsers don’t have problems with?

Since I’m not going to be able to change the embed code and I don’t know what else may the issue with HTML viewer, I’ll have to just go to the webpage links in a normal browser for now.