Means to control MS Project file?

Hello, I am new to Xojo. So far I find this very impressive.
For what I would like to do I have pretty much found it all. Excel automation, Outlook via OLE and database to MSSQL.

What I have not found yet is a means to open and control MS project files.

A hint into the right direction would be much appreciated. Thank you for your help!

I am unsure what you mean by MS project files. Are you referring to Visual Basic for Applications, VBA, i.e macros and visual basic project files?

If you do can you explain what it is you are trying to do, for example pass parameters to VBA, launch a macro etc.

Henry is talking about Microsoft Project.

It seems like there is no way in controlling MS Project like the other Office apps (Word/Excel/Powerpoint).
Read this.

May be relevant?

You’ll need to get your hands dirty. Search for COM and ActiveX.

A place to start: COM Docs

Also refer to this: OLE

Will be a better starting place fir you. I’d suggest looking for vb6 examples using CreateObject then porting that using the above…