mdb a sqlite3

Tengo varios programas realizados en Visual basic 6 con soporte en bases de datos access.
Deseo pasar algunas de esas bases de datos para poder trabajarlas como bases sqlite.
Existe algun codigo en xojo que me ayude a ello o tienen conocimiento de alguna utilidad que realize esa operacion incluso externa a xojo?


there are a few programs that can read the MDB and generate a SQLIte database. But the code side (VB6) needs to be done by hand. There is a VBMigration Assistant that can help get you started on the code. I have not used it. I can’t tell you how good or bad it is. sorry.

I’ve used MDBLite
to transfert a mdb file to an sqlite database .
it was easy, simple and worked like a charm.
I did it on 2 different mdb databases with success.

Yes, so have I - also with good results.

but is for MAC, necesito algo for windows

Right; I see. As Scott said, there are a number of free and inexpensive Windows or Java utilities that at least claim to do the conversion. Not having used any of them, I can’t say which is best.

Doesn’t SQLite Migrator form LogicalVue do this? It’s been a few years since I did my conversion, but I think this is what I used initially, then cleaned up some of the datatypes.