MBSDynaPDF hates mac generated PDFs

I am working with the creation of a pdf document (an insurance policy). We “stitch together” a number of single pages pdfs and use the following to fill them

call pdf.SetFont "Helvetica", pdf.ksfNone, In_Font_Size,true, pdf.kcp1252 call pdf.SetFillColor &h000000 call pdf.SetTextRect horizontal_tab,vertical_tab,in_width,in_height call pdf.WriteFText pdf.ktaJustify, in_text

Here is the odd behavior. I can write text on almost any PDF. Except for ones that are created on my Mac (with any application). I can take any pdf from the wed and rename it to “target.pdf” and the Text rectangles appear. But If I use one created on any one of my 4 macs (yes I have tried them all ) they are blank.

Both the 'base" pdfs and the results are here

What does the mac do to create a pdf that differs from the norm?

Maybe you better fix the subject to be less aggressive?

I tried it here and see no problems so far on those PDFs.

Maybe you email me a sample project.
Maybe you do something special to draw on the back layer?

Looks like you first write your content and than import page on top of that.
Just reverse the order.