MBSCurls UpLoad

Can anyone see what I’m missing here? I am testing this code to upload a file in a web app. It completes with error code 18 - partial file.

dim f As FolderItem = GetFolderItem("").Parent.child(“Testdocs”).Child(“TestDoc1.doc”)
dim e as integer
dim d as UploadCURL
dim b as BinaryStream
d=new UploadCURL


The log files say:

226 -File Successfully Transferred
Uploaded Unaligned File Size (0 of 713,678 Bytes)

On the server the file is being transferred to the files is created and has 0 Bytes.

Thanks in advance for any help- I’ve been staring at this for a long time!

Have you checked E to see if it holds a non-zero error code ?

Yes - it give the error code 18 which is “Partial File” - I put that in the first line of my post - probably should have put it in the last.

duh missed that you’d mentioned that

and the machine the file is being sent TO has the log entry ? or is that the local log ?
you’re running this web app in debug mode locally trying to send to a remote server ?

really just trying to understand the set up

It’s the local log - I am running this in debug mode locally and trying to connect to a remote serve (generic server from bluehost). It clearly makes the connection and establishes the file on the remote server but doesn’t transmit any data.

Sorry I can’t be of more help
I don’t use the MBS CURL plugin
And I bet Christian is busy hosting the user group conference in Koblenz and will be until Sunday or Monday

it’s difficult to say what’s wrong from here.
Do you have sample project to show problem?
(you can email me)

what is in PrimaryPath? an FTP URL?
for example , what’s in Read event?
Or why not just set input data. You don’t need read event, if you use SetInputData with passing content of file.

Thanks Christian - that’s all I needed - I had messed up the read event. Good luck with your conference and thanks for the support. You do an amazing job of helping out your users.


Also thanks to Norman for helping on plugin issues.