MBS Xojo Plugin. A new way to refer to the documentation.

Hello to all MBS users!
I wanted to inform you of a new project that I proposed to Christian.

All documentation available for MBS Plugin can be found in a simple and fast way…
…through a Xojo application with SQLite database support.

A picture is worth more than many explanations.
Take a look at

Criticisms and comments are welcome.



Very Nice!
Makes searching the MBS Documentation a lot easier than the huge PDF-file. :wink:

Wow! Nice stuff, Paolo! Don’t know if Christian can make it happen, but I will add my vote for wanting to see it come about. Definitely would make a world of difference in my ability to use the MBS plugs I have without asking as many questions as I inevitably do.



Nice work, Paulo!


Nice +1

I read ‘DEMO’ so it will be a payed version?


That looks great to me. I am positive that it will allow me to find things far faster that I can currently find them. Back in the early MBS days things weren’t bad; but, with the huge growth of MBS a tool like this is needed. Nice job Paolo!!

My biggest problem (if it can be called that!) is finding my way through the documentation. This could be a huge thumbs up from me.

To Christoph,
Currently the application is a project with a subset of data.
And I can’t tell you if and when we will be available to users.
The “DEMO” is fot this reason…

Very impressive. On the Mac App Store, there’s the Dash app, which does something similar. Both Xojo and MBS docs are included, as well as a few dozen other languages. But that doesn’t help for Windows users.

I was once one of them and i learned to help myself, by switching to Mac :wink:
Just joking… :smiley:

@Paolo Maggio put it online once it is done. I will buy it. For sure :slight_smile:

Xojo is a multi platform development environment.
MBS plugins are also working on multi platforms.
I hope your MBS documentation software is going to be available for multi platforms too.

To Paul S,
my software uses only Xojo with standard controls and SQLite database.
I use Windows, but there should be no problem to recompile for other platforms.

Just to inform you that I am proceeding with the processing of data from Html to the database format.
I will keep you informed …

Hello to all MBS users!
after a period of “hard work”, I wanted to update on the current status of the MBS Xojo Reference project.

The project takes shape and the software part is almost complete.
The big challenge will be the preparation of the 50,000+ item reference pages!

If you go on:
you can find the documentation, screenshots and the beta version for Mac and Windows.

Feel free to test and evaluate the software.
Christian wants to know your comments!