MBS Xojo Plugin. A new way to refer to the documentation (9)

Hello to all MBS users!
this is the prerelease version of the MBS Xojo Reference project.

You will find many updates in the software and documentation.

The Bookmarks section is completely new! You can use only the ‘Default’ bookmark or define new ones for specific projects.
All Bookmarks items and size/position of the windows are maintained between the various MBSXojoRef versions.
More data and various improvements.

If you are interested go on:

You can find the updated documentation, new screenshots and the new demo version for Mac and Windows.

Feel free to test and evaluate the software.
Any comment will be appreciated.

Wow, that’s an impressive tool.

How do you generate the information? Do you parse the MBS html documentation yourself or do you get some other type of data directly from Christian?

It would be nice if I could type-ahead in the listboxes, so that I can quickly move to rows.

In the Find window, pressing Return or Enter should press the Find button.

In the view where I see methods, constants etc, I’d like to have a button that filters for values, i.e. anything that returns a value (such as constants, properties and functions).

[quote=401033:@Paolo Maggio]If you are interested go on:
MBSXojoRef [/quote]
@Paolo Maggio Download not working . . can you check

I had asked this at one point because I’d prefer a different interface. It was said that the information had been scraped and was not provided by Christian, so I never made anything.

For Thomas, as reply from Tim all data in MBSXojoRef has been scraped and processed from Christian, Xojo, Microsoft, Apple and history sites on the net… For next release I have take note of your observations and requests.

Hi Joost, I have launched both download and they work!

Well, everyone is welcome to use the documentation coming with the download of the plugins.
It’s just HTML pages and as it’s generated here, the HTML should be easy to parse.

Not bad at all. A bit Windows-ish, though.

So much better than the website. The Google search is just not good. Doesn’t work on Safari so I always have to change to Chrome. And the results are from all over the place and not just the documentation.

download link doesn’t work !