MBS Xojo Plugin. A new way to refer to the documentation (5)

Hello to all MBS users!

I can say that the project started 2 years ago is now well advanced.

The goal that I have set it was very challenging:

  • enter all the Plugin informations in a database
  • add secondary informations useful for the user
  • create an intuitive, complete, reliable and fast browser
  • … in the free time!

Currently the situation is this:

  • about 36% of reference pages must be inserted in the DB (of 60000+ items)
  • updating of some part of the browser. For better use and complete the informations.
  • … meanwhile insert new Versions!

Along the way I like inform the MBS users about the status of the project.

Major update of this version:

  • New “Theme” section in Find window: find a Component by argument
  • New “Xojo req.” button in Compatibility window: Xojo requirements
  • Update History window: search all items of all Versions or only Version with specified text in the item

More data and various improvements.

If you are interested go on:

You can find the updated documentation, new screenshots and the new demo version for Mac and Windows.

Feel free to test and evaluate the software.
Any comment will be appreciated.

Mac App won’t run because it’s broken, says macOS 10.12.2 Beta (16C63a).

When i extract the TAR Archive, i get a MBSXojoRef164.app. Then i have to look into the .app Package and there is another MBSXojoRef164.app. This is the working one…

Why aren’t you using a ZIP Archive as you do on Windows?

Xojo will output a TAR file when you build for Mac on Windows because the TAR maintains permissions and links.
I couldn’t tell you why it’s double .app’d though…

To Sascha
I am not very practical for Mac, my working PC is Windows.
I enclosed the app in a TAR file manually for upload in Google Drive.
I may have done something wrong, but it is the same procedure as the previous version.

To Tim
Windows version is compiled on Windows and Mac version on Mac (in this case MasOS Sierra)

Paolo if you build for Mac on your Windows machine, just upload the output TAR file (do not open it!)
If you build for Mac on your Mac machine, just zip the output .app and upload it.

Do not encase it in another folder you suffix with .app - that will confuse the system and it won’t launch.

Thank you Tim,
on the Mac the only problem is the insertion of database in “/Resources”.
Surely I have done something wrong since last time!

Use a Copy Files build step to have Xojo copy the database to Resources.
Information on build automation: http://developer.xojo.com/userguide/build-automation$Copy%20Files

Also, be sure to use my little module to access the Resources directory if you are using the old framework FolderItems. On Mac it will use declares, which is more reliable than a mess of .parent.parent.child.parent.aunt.child.sister
On Windows it will find the resources folder across Xojo versions (the name of the Resources folder changed on Windows at some point.)

Yust to inform that I have replaced the wrong compressed file for Mac with the correct one (now ZIP).
Sorry for the inconvenience…

np. Just wanted you to know :slight_smile:

Hi Sascha,
we are not very close but we will find the opportunity to meet
(especially if Xojo use become from “free time” to the “primary commitment”!)
I am not very young but I like to do software.

PS: I wanted to show a picture of my face…
Three days ago I opened an account in Gravatar, set the primary address as Xojo account, inserted the foto but the picture is not shown!

You are welcome to join a conference, e.g. the one in Berlin next year.

Christian already knows, i am in Berlin at this time and will try to join the Group for a Dinner :slight_smile:

Thank you Christian and Sascha.
Will do my best to participate…