MBS Xojo Developer Conference in Koblenz, Germany

Our conference will start September, 12th 2013 and you can be part of it. We have enough confirmed registrations so that the conference will definitely take place. You may have heard about floods in central Europe. Luckily, our conference site in Koblenz is not likely to be affected.

Early Bird Offer ending soon

Until July, 12th we offer early bird registration price. So instead of 299 Euro, it is only 249 Euro (you save 50 Euro). Those prices include VAT, so if you are from Europe and your company has VAT ID, the actually early bird price is 209.24 Euro. This also applies for US visitors (and other countries like Swiss) with a company where registration fee currently would be $279 USD.

Security Session

Due to general demand, I have added a session about security. We had a similar session two years ago in Frankfurt, but a lot of things changed since then. The content has been updated as we want to focus more on web security. If you develop a web app, you really want to make it as difficult as possible to hack. And of course if you do iOS development, you will soon be doing client/server apps, where security is also very important.


There has been some confusion about the language during the conference. Although the conference will take place in Germany all the sessions will be held in English. We also offer one training day in English and one in German. But between sessions and in the evening, you may hear a lot of different languages. We already have confirmed registrations from France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and Germany.

Speakers wanted

If you have an interesting topic you’d like to talk about, please contact us soon. We have still 2 big sessions available for you. And we have 3 smaller sessions for showing your product in 15 minutes. So if you have an application made with Real Studio or Xojo and you like to demonstrate it, we’d be happy to offer you a short session there. You can show what your app does and talk about how you coded it and which tools you have used.
If you fill one of the longer sessions, we also grant you a reduced speaker price for the conference ticket of just 149 Euro including VAT.

More details about the conference and registration on the website.

And The Netherlands. :wink:

Yes. Sorry to not mention you here. Next time, the country list will be longer.

There is no closing date for the registration, so I can decide to register up until a few days before the conference?

No. We never had closing dates. Some people always decide to signup right there at the conference.

But I appreciate if you sign up earlier.
And if you sign up really early (till 12th July), we have an early bird discount (50 Euro).

I can also add that it would be good to sign up early in order to also reserve a hotel room. The hotel has a limited capacity and our reserved rooms for the group are only blocked until early August.

Hi everybody!

I am going to assist MBS Xojo Koblenz Conference and have reserved my flight tickets a few days ago. I will arrive at Frankfurt Hahn at 17:15 (11th September) and would be a good idea to know if somebody has same arrival time (aprox.) to go from Frankfurt to Koblenz in a group. It would be a nice intro Xojo trip!

Someone need a ticket? Early bird offer ends today.

You can already join and meet developers from 10 countries: France, Netherlands, Singapore, Belgium, Italy, Australia, Sweden, Germany, Swiss and United Kingdom.

Who wants to add a country?