MBS Xojo Conference: Wednesday

Today we have English Xojo training.
Attendees for training, please look for the room to be there at about 9 o’clock.
Probably room Severin next to the restaurant where you have breakfast.

Everyone else is welcome for the meet & greet in the hotel bar starting 18 o’clock.
You can come later, find some other attendees and decide whether you get a snack at the bar or walk into the city for a dinner.

We’ll be arriving around 9:30 this evening

Now lunch in the bar

Now lunch in the bar area. Anyone here?

Training done, so looking for the bar nearby…

The hotel has an offer to skip house keeping for a day and get a coupon for free drink.
Soft drink, coffee, beer or wine in restaurant or bar.

Already 10 people walked by here at the bar and a few a sitting here :slight_smile:

Counted 30 people already!

Everyone seems to be gone for dinner, so see you tomorrow!

Some returned to bar…