MBS Xojo Conference, day 1


We started and Geoffs Keynote is running.

About 60 people in the room.

A picture from the keynote:

would really like some Geoff’ keynote resume …

You mean you like a summary? Or you like him to resume the keynote?

Did someone takes notes and can show them here to @Jean-Yves Pochez?

yes a summary of his keynote, like there is with XDC. would like to hear rcent xojo steps (android ?)

Well, I think android is topic for Paul’s talk Tomorrow.

well the content of Geoff’ Keynote must also be interesting !

Yes, that.

Dinner for 60 - a Bavarian babtism :slight_smile:

Thanks for the pictures.

Geoff’s keynote was very similar to the one in the USA. Probably because only a few people visit both conferences.
New things I noticed is the plan for supporting Dark Mode on Mac and in Q&A he said they are thinking about making it easier to use console apps for processing in background. I may have forgotten some more details.

If you have any questions regarding the StackView classes or the Word Export for the Formatted Text Control, please feel free to contact me tomorrow at the MBS conference. Good night.