MBS XL won't read complete xls file

Hello all,

I am using the example provided in MBS-Xojo-Plugins230.dmg as a guideline to read an invoice spreadsheet but after 87 lines reading the code stops, no errors nothing. It just thinks that Cel.IsEmpty is true:

if book.Load(file) then


for each sheet as XLSheetMBS in book.Sheets

if  sheet.Name = "EurNet Consultancy" then
  y = 12
  Stop = False
  Do Until Stop = True
    Cel = sheet.ReadString(y, 2)
    System.DebugLog( "Y is:" + y.ToString + " Aantal:" + Cel  + " Description: " +  sheet.ReadString(y, 4))
    //if Cel.Contains("x", ComparisonOptions.CaseInsensitive) then
    if Cel.IsEmpty = False then
      Stop = False
      var NLFlower as new clsNLFlower
      Var anArray() As String
      anArray = Cel.Split("x") 
      NLFlower.FollowNr = NextFollowNr
      NLFlower.Quantity = anArray(0).ToInteger()
      NLFlower.NPU = anArray(1).ToInteger()
      NLFlower.Description = sheet.ReadString(y, 4)
      NLFlower.PurchasePrice = sheet.ReadString(y, 9).ToDouble()
      NLFlower.Length = sheet.ReadString(y, 8).ToInteger()
      NLFlower.AverageGroup = app.Get_SortCD_AverageNLFlower(NLFlower.Description)
      NLFlower.Leftover = NLFlower.Quantity * NLFlower.NPU
      Var arLine() as String = array("" , NLFlower.Quantity.ToString, NLFlower.NPU.ToString, NLFlower.Description, Format(NLFlower.PurchasePrice, "0.00"), NLFlower.AverageGroup  )
      CelTotaal = sheet.ReadString(y + 1, 10)
      CelCommissie = sheet.ReadString(y + 2, 10)
      //MessageBox(CelTotaal + Chr(34) + CelCommissie)
      Stop = True
    end if
    y = y + 1
end if


MsgBox book.ErrorMessage
end if

When I use the example project in MBS-Xojo-Plugins230 the created text file isn’t complete either.
I do not know how to add a spreadsheet to this question.
What am I doing wrong?

With regards,

PS I have bought a license and have changed the function:
XLBookMBS.SetKeyGlobal “Brian Baart”, "mac-blablabla

Sorry for the trouble.
Can you download 23.2 plugins?


The bug should be fixed in LibXL 4.1.2, which is included there.

Hello Christian,

Thank you for the solution, it works. Now the complete spreadsheet is in my listbox.
Downloading and using 23.2 did the trick.

With regards,