MBS VLC example terminates

Hello, I have Real Studio 2011.4.3 on Windows Vista and I have some problems with a MBS VLC example: show video sample.rbp.

The code in the PlaybackWindow.Open-Event is:

dim v as new VLCInstanceMBS(margs)
System.DebugLog “Inited.”

'That’s my test-code:
if v <>nil then
MsgBox “v<> nil”
MsgBox “v = nil”
end if
if v.Handle=nil then
msgbox “Failed to initialise.”
end if


The Libraries are all loaded and v ist not nil. But I don’t get v.Handle and the Programm terminates with “Failed to initialise.”
What’s missing here?

you have 32 bit libs?
Of which version?

Version 12.2
I think it’s 32 bit libs.

Please use newer plugins and a 2.0.x VLC version.