MBS SSH works like a charm!

I just want to share my first experience with MBS SSH.

All of my xojo web apps sometimes terminates itself (which I don’t know why). The only way to restart it is to log in to my centos using ssh credential and type the “nohup” again.

Now, using MBS SSH I created a web app with multiple button for each of my xojo web app that once pressed, it will re RUN my web app instantly.

Easy and convenient! :slight_smile:

Thanks to Christian!


If you launch your app using a service, the service will take care of re-launching your app when it crashes or the server restarts.

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How to do it?

I linked here https://www.google.com/search?q=creating+a+systemd+service because I didn’t know which system you were on specifically. I’m pretty sure I followed this guide https://medium.com/@benmorel/creating-a-linux-service-with-systemd-611b5c8b91d6 when designing my web app install script.

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Thank you.

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Thanks Tim!