MBS SQL Plugin vs Xojo database plugins

I see many people recommend using the mbs sql plugins instead of the shipped xojo plugins.

The xojo sqlite plugin have worked for me until now, but a client want to move to ms sql server, and before I go forward changing anything, I want to make the right choice regarding the database connectivity.

Any thoughts?

If you find a bug in the Xojo database plugin you are out of luck. If you find a bug in Christians plugin you have the problem fixed the next day.


Good point :slight_smile:

I also think mbs plugins are “re-entering”, that is to say that you can use them inside a thread for lengthy processes. I would like confirmation from Christian about this, but what I’m sure is that xojo plugins can’t do that.

You mean reentrant. Theoretically, yes, they are because the Xojo bug about this problem is fixed. Practically, I still get crashes.

thanks, I have decided to get the mbs plugins after getting advice on this elsewhere also.

Note that the MBS SQL plugin is NOT part of the large group of MBS plugins. I highly recommend both.

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thanks, I only need the sql ones for now though

I guessed that, which was the reason I pointed it out in case you were assuming they would be part of the larger set of plugins (which IMHO is also well worth the cost of admission – and then some).


Let me know when you have questions.