MBS SQL Plugin - Sqlite encrypted db & creation

maybe I missed this, but I was looking at the documentation and examples and could not find.

does anyone have example code of the following using MBS SQL Plugin:

  1. creating an in memory SQLite database.
  2. creating a SQLite database that is encrypted.
  3. accessing a SQLite database that has been encrypted.

Encryption requires a sqlite library with encryption. But sorry, I don’t have one.

Please use “:memory:” as path for in memory database.

thank you Christian

Read the LangRef for answers to all of these questions… none of them need a plugin they all work with the SQLite Database Engine as supplied by XOJO and there are examples of all of them spread thru out this forum

Hey Dave :slight_smile:

you are correct and I am currently using the Xojo Sqlite database to perform the items on my request. The reason for my inquire is because my app connects to other database sources that uses MBS SQL and wanted to see if I could add one more under the MBS SQL umbrella.