MBS SQL Plugin questions

Got some questions regarding the MBS SQL plugin:

  • which type of path is used when connecting? path = “/tmp/test.db” looks like a shell path. But when I try a more complex path then the database doesn’t connect. Could it be a Posix path?
  • is the ICU extension supported?
  • is ICU also on Linux supported?

I have a simple SQLite database on the Mac that I use with FTS and ICU as index database for a Valentina database because Valentina doesn’t support any type of FTS. I’m porting this part of my app to Linux. So I want to have ICU on Linux.

  1. Native file path, e.g. posix path on Mac.
  2. ICU is not built into the plugin.

But you can use an external SQLite library with ICU.

Thanks, Christian.

What do you mean with “But you can use an external SQLite library with ICU.”?

You can always bring your own version of the SQLite library instead of using the built in one.

Do you think if I could build my own ICU library I would have asked here? There are lovely instructions like


where only 10% is mentioned.