MBS Presskey issue

I am running the following code in the textchange event of a web textfield.

dim p as PresskeyMBS p=new PresskeyMBS p.Keycode = 48 p.Press

Basically, I am just pressing the tab key to go to the next text field is all. It tabs once but then hesitates a second and tabs again on its own. I have debugged and do not see where this is run twice at all.

Any ideas on what could be causing this?


That’s not gonna work. PressKeyMBS is sending key presses to the server, not the browser.

Correct. Better use SetFocus method to switch to other text field.

ok will do thanks.

I am having an issue trying to use the setfocus method because I have a container that I add at runtime and they are not control sets so I am not sure how I am suppose to get the next control if there is no index. I just use the embedwithin method to set the control on the form though.