MBS Plugins 15.1 prereleases

download here:

or ask (in private message or email) to be added to the shared dropbox folder.


  • Added inline option for CURLEmailMBS.AddAttachment.
  • Added methods to AVMetadataItemFilterMBS to build filters on the fly and limit what is exported with AVAssetExportSessionMBS.
  • Added backgroundColor parameter for NSImageMBS.CopyPicture.
  • Added NSImageMBS.CopyPictureWithAlpha function.
  • Added MapiMessageMBS.SendMailMT methods.
  • Added CenterResize functions for Cocoa applications to resize window centered.
  • Updated MAPI functions to user Unicode API.
  • Added XLBookMBS.CopyContent function to copy content from one XL document to other, useful for converting between XLS and XLSX formats.
  • Added AVAudioMixMBS.mutableCopy, AVMetadataItemMBS.mutableCopy and a copy constructors to the mutable classes.
  • Improved SQL Plugin for running better threaded.
  • Changed SSH Plugin to set keep alive for the socket and set pipe signal to ignore automatically.
  • Fixed bug in CGSWindowListMBS class (double free which caused problems sometimes).
  • Added DNSServiceBaseMBS.Initialize function.
  • Optimized array access for RS 2006r4 to Xojo 2015r1 for maximum speed.
  • Added values functions for Java array classes to get Xojo array with values.
  • Added private constructors to Java classes.
  • Fixed DidConnect events for SQLConnectionMBS and SQLDatabaseMBS.
  • Added Trace event to SQLDatabaseMBS class.
  • Added Listen method and PostgresNotification event to SQLConnectionMBS and SQLDatabaseMBS classes.
  • Added JavaStatementMBS.executeBatch function.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Added DynaPDFMBS.SetMetadata method.
  • Added TiffPictureMBS.Predictor property and constants.
  • Added RegExMBS.Unescape function.
  • Fixed AUPlayerMBS to work on Mac OS X 10.6 again.
  • Added DynaPDFMBS.ImportPDFPage function.
  • Fixed a bug with NSURL conversion in NSObject to variant conversion in plugin.
  • Added addressbook properties to various addressbook classes to avoid the addressbook being freed before person/group/value objects are freed.
  • Fixed a bug with DynaPDF registration on Windows. The dialog to show message about outdated license key did cause a buffer overflow (only on Windows).


  • Added QCCompositionMBS and QCCompositionRepositoryMBS classes.
  • Updated ColorSyncBitmapMBS to work with Xojo Pictures in Cocoa target.
  • Updated LCMS to 2.7.
  • Changed CloseAndSignPDFFile and CloseAndSignPDFFileWithDialog for DynaPDFMBS class to accept nil for OutputFile.
  • Fixed PictureMBS methods Clone and ClipImage to work better for clipped and console picture based instances.
  • Added QCViewControlMBS control.
  • Added QCViewMBS.loadCompositionFromData method and improved the properties.
  • Upgraded Xcode to version 6.2
  • Fixed bug in PictureMBS.CopyPixels where too many bytes were copied if sx was not zero.
  • Corrected mouse up event for OverlayWindowMBS class.
  • Added OrHigher parameter to the OS Version functions for Mac and Win so you can define if you want higher OS, too.
  • Added SystemInformationMBS.IsWindows81 and SystemInformationMBS.IsWindows10.


  • Added Picture.GrayScale2MBS function.
  • Improved Carbon Printer Manager function. Some methods were deprecated by Apple and are removed. Others have been added.
  • QCCompositonMBS object can now be put into dictionaries and variants for conversion to NSDictionary.
  • Fixed NSTokenFieldMBS class which broken in 15.0.


  • Added functions for WebUIDelegateMBS class to support multiple selection in file dialog.
  • Added CaseSensitive parameter for Map and Set classes.
  • Added new Map, Set, HashMap and HashSet classes supporting text data type.
  • Fixed memory with substring functions in RegExMBS class.
  • Improved error message handling for Firebird database connector part in SQL Plugin.
  • Added more methods for NSTextAttachmentMBS class.
  • Fixed bug in NSTextAttachmentMBS.attributedStringWithAttachment.
  • Fixed NotifcationObserverMBS.
  • Setting Modality property in NavigationDialogOptionsMBS to app modal by default now.
  • Added Destination MemoryBlock parameter for ReadRGB and ReadRGBMemoryStep in TiffPictureMBS class.
  • Added CGDisplayMBS.RefreshRate function.
  • Added enabled, color and image properties to NSTabViewItemMBS.
  • Improved NSTabViewItemMBS to have debugger visible properties.
  • Added option MySQLRetryAutomaticallyOnDeadLock for SQLCommandMBS. If true, the plugin will retry query 3 times in case MySQL reports a deadlock.
  • Added WindowBitmapMBS module with HBITMAP and HDIB related functions.
  • Added HBitmapToPictureMBS and PictureToHBitmapMBS functions.
  • Added CreateHBITMAP functions for GM16ImageMBS, GMImageMBS, IMImageQ8MBS, IMImageQ16MBS and IMImageQ32MBS.


  • Improved some of the Windows Internet Explorer HTMLViewer functions to handle memory usage better.
  • Added HTMLViewer.IELoadHTMLMBS function to load html into HTMLViewer on Windows without temp file.
  • Added FieldID caching for Audit logging to speed up some queries for Field IDs.
  • Fixed memory leak if you use JPEGImporterMBS.InitJPEG twice without FinishJPEG in-between.
  • Added checks to SUUpdaterMBS to raise exceptions if you use class without loading framework.
  • Added markdown classes.
  • Added CIImageMBS.RenderPictureWithAlphaMT function.
  • Upgraded Xcode to version 6.3
  • Added properties and constants to NSEventMBS for force touch.
  • Future plugin versions may decide to query server for update information when used in the IDE.


  • Fixed bug with FTPParseMBS class not giving right name.
  • Upgraded Xcode to version 6.3.1
  • Added TesseractMBS.SetResolution.
  • Fixed MacHIDMBS to run also when a modal dialog is visible.
  • Fixed a bug where Calls plugin part would be included always for some projects.
  • Fixed crash with InitJPEG function introduced in pr5.
  • Added QCCompositionRepositoryMBS.loadPlugIn function.


  • Fixed bug in CTTextTabMBS.Create.
  • Fixed crash with calling NSAppearanceMBS.setCurrentAppearance.
  • Changed Cocoa plugins for 32-bit to once again build for 10.6 and newer (instead of 10.7).
  • Added ReferenceCount, Release and Retain to ChromiumBrowserMBS class.
  • Added IEReferenceCount function for HTMLViewer to check for leaks.
  • Added CGPathElementMBS class and CGPathMBS.Elements function.
  • Added PassSignerMBS module to sign passes for iOS from a Xojo made Mac app.
  • Added string related functions to NSCharacterSetMBS class.
  • Fixed bugs in CTRunMBS array functions.
  • Added OpenSSLMBS.PKCS7Sign function.
  • Added GetFiles and SetFiles to WindowsClipboardMBS class.
  • Added PackbitsMBS module.
  • Added OpenSSLExceptionMBS class.
  • For ChartDirector 6 we will have no PPC support.
  • For ChartDirector most axis getters are now properties and cache the object.
  • Added IORegistryMBS.PerformanceStatistics function.
  • Fixed a bug with Twain plugin which froze for a client.


  • Added XLBookMBS.Load2 functions to detect format and load file.
  • Fixed problem with MDItemMBS constructor.
  • Updated ChartDirector to 6.0 release candidate (registration not yet possible).
  • Fixed CTParagraphStyle.FirstLineHeadIndent property.

Version 15.1 was released 19th May 2015.