[MBS Plugin] source.CreateImageAtIndex(0) returns a black picture


dim MyPicture as CGImageMBS = source.CreateImageAtIndex(0)

“MyPicture.picture” returns sometimes a black picture.
It occurs only when the picture file is… very big (i.e. with 8 000 x 6 000 pixels)
It seems (may be ?) a memory limit. But no error code returned.
A way to resolve that limitation ?

Christian, your opinion should be the welcome :wink:
Thank you.

On MAC OS (and with an old MBS Plug-in version…)

Could you try newer plugin?
Could you provide me a download link for example and sample picture?

Just in case it’s based on how you do it or related to the picture file/type.

I open always a photoshop file (.PSD).
I created a smallest picture (the same but converted under photoshop) and it works fine.
Very strange.
But you know, I use an old XOJO and MBS Plugin version. The issue is may be there !

(thank you for your prompt reply ! :wink: )

With current plugin, your test version seems to work.

Please use current 20.x plugins and later in January try 21.0.