MBS Microphone access on 10.14.4

I am using MBS plugins (19.1) to record some audio using 2019r1… something like the following:

p = new PortAudioStreamRecorderMBS(1024*1024)
if p.OpenDefaultStream(1, 16000) = 0
if p.Start = 0 then
// stuff
end if
end if

When I run this code (at the p.start) in 32 bit the OS asks if I want to allow use of the microphone… if I say Allow then it does work. But if I run it in 64 bit I do not get that question and the mic does not work.

If I have the System preferences->Security & Privacy->Privacy->Microphone open under 32 bit, the app does show up in the list while it is running… under 64-bit it never does show up.

Is this possibly a Xojo or MBS bug… or something I am doing wrong?

I see the same behavior running the MBS sample code.

No, you need to ask for permissions.
As 64-bit Xojo is build with a newer SDK, the fallback code for old 32-bit apps doesn’t help you any more.

see AVCaptureDeviceMBS requestAccessForMediaType method.