I am developing a web app that incorporates MBS DynaPDF. As long the app was in the OSX operating system, it worked great. When I changed the code for Linux on Xojo Cloud, I get exception errors. Does anybody have some sample code for creating PDFs using DynaPDF in a Linux environment?

Did you log exceptions?
What’s the exception type, message, stack trace?

[quote]Unhandled NilObjectException
Message: folderitem is nil

Some sample code would be great.[/quote]

So, somewhere in your code, you reference a folderitem which doesn’t exist on the server, but maybe on your computer?

Please be aware that some folders like specialfolder.desktop are nil on a linux web server.

Christian, in an exchange of emails suggested the solution to the problem. Adobe Acrobat includes only a few fonts. If you want to use a font outside of the one’s included (see http://www.mbsplugins.de/archive/2015-01-29/PDF_Standard_Fonts) it must be uploaded to the server.