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Apparently, you have to purchase an additional license if you want to import PDF and create a PDF / A (assemble multiple PDF files into a single new PDF / A).

If the PDF is created with DynaPDF, can they be imported into a new PDF / A (created also with DynaPDF) without purchasing an additional license?

And if each PDF is itself a PDF / A, can they be assembled into a new PDF / A without purchasing additional licenses?

Last question, if one uses a single font, PDF / A is it much heavier a PDF?

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DynaPDF can make PDF/A files.

Just the CheckConformance function has two modes. With PDF/A extension in the license it will do more and fix a couple of problems from imported PDFs.

So when you create PDF with DynaPDF, you do things like this:

  • SetPDFVersion with the PDF/A version you want.
  • CreateStructure tree on beginning to make PDF tagged
  • CheckConformance on the end before saving
  • add ICC profiles as requested by CheckConformance via AddOutputIntent.
  • and I think all fonts must be embedded.

Yes, but when I tried to import two PDF (created with DynaPDF) into a new PDF / A, I had a kind of error message "an additional license is required for imports into a PDF / A " I think.

in the dynapdf_help doc:

Even without the conformance check, you can use DynaPDF to build PDF/A files.
Just if the input PDF is not conformance to the PDF/A specification, the plugin will not try to fix it without the extra PDF/A extension for DynaPDF.

ok, it works well, thank you for the support! :slight_smile: