MBS DynaPdf Killed PDF viewing on Preview??

A Funny coincidence , but definitely a painful problem.
I tested out the MBS dynapdf plugin this morning and it is awesome.

BUT ever since testing a few example apps in Xojo
my Preview app won’t open or even think of opening a pdf anymore?

Maybe the timing was a coincidence, but when the app ran to create a pdf and then view it in the MBS example PDF viewer, Kaput!

Has anyone any clues how to get my Preview app working again with PDF’s?
A very big thanks for any help


Check and see if the samples have taken over the UTI for PDF’s

Yup That was it
Thanks Norman
all sorted

do you want to tell me which example?
I could make a change there.

I’m away from my Mac at the moment. I’ll let you know tomorrow

Yeah, Photoshop does the same thing, most frustrating and Adobe don’t care. It even forces my default reader to be Photoshop. So every time I double click a friking PDF, PhotoSlop attempts to ‘rasterize’ the bugger!

It’s also taken over GIF and PSD files too.

how to fix the UTI then??

This might come in handy… RCDefaultApp

I had the same problem with a past version of Xojo and after installing & using a new version of Adobe CC. I don’t think it was DynaPDF because we use it very intensely every day.

For me these articles were helpful to solve it:


Hi Christian
The MBS DynaPDF examples I was playing with that may have caused preview to loose PDF ability was…
Letter with AddContinuetext and…
PDF Viewer Example with links
PDF Viewer Example
text formatting with parallel
text formatting Unicode

hope this helps

The PDF Viewer example registers the PDF file type as viewer. But that should normally be no problem. If you built it and try it, it works. Than you delete app and your Mac should pick the next viewer app on the list…