I need the ability to FTP a file to server, my research has led me to MBS CURL as an option. It looks like this is a $39 plugin which is well worth the cost if it is what I need.

My needs are simple; I need to transfer a text file on my local computer to an FTP site. I may need to pull files down as well.

Is this the correct product? Does anyone have any experience or feedback on this product?

Thank you.

I can not say enough good things about the MBS plugins or about Christian.

That being said, if you only need to do this on OS X, you can use the built-in curl command line and execute it via a Shell object.

You can download plugin and try examples :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I will take Christians suggestion and give it test drive.

Christian’s methods and plug-ins are so well worth the cost. Will save you much time re-inventing the wheel. And his support is superb as well.

My apps currently use FTPKit, but I am slowly moving them to MBS CURL FTP. Christian’s support is excellent!