MBS Conference Updates

Three weeks left for the Early Bird prices. Please sign up soon if you like to get a good ticket price.

Two weeks left.

About a week left for the early bird offer. More registrations are welcome!

3 days for early bird offer.

and 10 days till XDC keynote :slight_smile:

40 attendees already from 10 different countries.

Antonio Rinaldi from Italy will join us

Last call for early bird tickets for European Xojo conference.

If you can’t make it to Miami, please join us in Cologne in October. Meet Geoff & other Xojo staff and connect to your peers in the Xojo community.

Second early bird offer is now online. 599 Euro till 4 months before the conference.
No need to wait for full price tickets. If you want to pay full price, you can do that (ask for it). Otherwise please sign up before 24th June for early bird pricing and save 100 Euro +VAT.

We just added @Daniel Burkhalter to present about PIIOX - the ultimate Raspberry PI - IO-Box and @Reinhard Blumauer about TipControl Shows Plug & Play Your Microcontrollers With MQTT.

Reinhard Blumauer on itself it’s one more reason to be at the conference :smiley:

Reinhard is a blast ! :slight_smile:

We are happy to let you know what Dmytro Skrypnyk will join us, the developer of the XL library, we use for Excel document read/write.

@Dana Brown will join our conference and present about Marketing.

We cleaned up the schedule to remove empty session slots.

If someone wants to present, please let us know and we add new sessions as needed.

50 attendees from 13 countries now.

Today another student asked to get a free ticket.
It’s past the date we have on the website, but I think we may just grant another free ticket to get young people involved.

If you are a business owner looking for staff or for consultants, please talk to those young people and maybe they can help you in the future. The conference is a great place to find employees and employers!

We published an update on the blog:

Xojo Inc. runs a sale this weekend, so you can get the same 20% discount on the conference tickets.
Anyone interested?

Five months till the conference.
We have over 50 attendees from 14 countries.

See blog post

14th county is Belgium. Who wants to add 15th?