MBS Conference Updates

It’s conference week!

The first one arrived in Munich is @Heinz-Jürgen Groß. Congratulations.

@Geoff Perlman is in the airplane and will arrive soon in Munich.

And I will arrive later today myself.

60 people from 12 countries signed up.
We’ll see how many actually show up this time.

All 60 folks I hope.

We got 2 registration last Friday :slight_smile:

Still someone from Munich could sign up right at the show.

There is a free hotel Wifi, which is probably good enough for some of you.

There is also a Telekom Wifi, which is faster.
If you have a login, you can use it. I got a login with my T-Mobile phone contract for Telekom Hotspots.

Otherwise, we’ll have coupons for that at the conference.

The Telekom one seems to be faster. I am uploading right now with 5 MByte/s using that one.

I touched down this morning and walked to the Chinese Tower for dinner with my wife and met a couple of friends. Looking forward to the trip tomorrow morning.

is the one in the english garden???

Yes, a decent distance walk, but worth it for the scenery, plus the wurst, bier, giant pretzels and schnitzel at the end!

we have been there back in Oct 2005

I went to OctoberFest (and at other times) back in the end of the 70’s… Nice city.

Any news from the conference ?

@Emile Schwarz
The conference starts Thursday. :wink:

Thanks Paul…Did you travel by plane or the long way: train ?
(I’ve done near Düsseldorf - München by train in 1978… very nice, but very long: it takes time !)

Today we do a sightseeing trip.
Currently on Königssee with the boat tour.

We (Joost Rongen and I) will traveling tomorrow by train.
The train leaves at 8:25 in The Hague and if all goes well, we will arrive in Munich around 18:00.
So yes, a long trip.

many years ago, when we went to Essen for the MBS conference, we travel back on the train all day… Essen to Cologne, Cologne to Liege, Liege to Brussels and then finally Brussel to London.

Will some of you be at the hotel in the evening? I’ll arrive by train at about 8 p.m.

Paul, Joost,

if the train follow the same road it did for me, you will saw valleys, mountains, vines here and there, etc.

The train takes all day… Now, you can have laptops, in 1978, I do not had one, not even a book ! But I had the “reward” un München :wink:

What a treat to do nothing all day.

When I fell black, I do nothing in the whole day (xcept watch TV). The day after resume quietly from black to blue.

We are currently near Salzburg in a nice Bavarian restaurant for dinner.

We had to drive a bit to escape the rain this morning…