MBS Complete

I used to have the 2011 version of MBS and I would have sworn the “complete” was a single plug-in. I’m having trouble finding that now on the website. The download seems to give me 57 separate plug-ins. That’s rather overwhelming because I don’t recall which one has the function I want. Is there still a complete version? Could someone send me the link? I’ve been on the MBS page for over 20 minutes and not finding it.

Beside, it was never a single plugin but a complete package of all the plugins.

It hasn’t been a single plugin since I started using it, and that was a few years ago.

Also, on the given link, you’ll find a Documentation131.pdf, if you search for something particular.

Ok, thanks. I’m evidently misremembering.

Complete is all the plugins (with exception of a few) that MBS sells. Doing it as a bunch of smaller plugins allows you to remove plugins you don’t use to save memory inside Xojo .


I just saw this thread. So did you find your function?
Should I help searching?
Normally a google search for a function brings you to documentation page which tells you the plugin.